Title Re-Establishment Surveys

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Who can undertake a Title Survey?

Only a LICENSED SURVEYOR can legally determine and mark the position of title (property) boundaries. Any title survey work not completed by, or under the guidance of a licensed surveyor, has no legal standing and leaves the landowner vulnerable.

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A Title re-establishment survey is used to determine the position of your Title boundaries and how they relate to the existing fences or buildings along the boundaries.

A Title re-establishment survey may be suitable in the following circumstances:

• You are planning to build on or near your Title boundary.

• You are replacing boundary fencing. • You suspect the fencing is in the incorrect position.

• You are planning to build an extension or new development and need to identify any potential boundary issues before construction begins.

All General Surveying can provide fast delivery of the survey where Title corners will be marked on the ground and a plan, signed by a Licensed Surveyor, will be provided identifying how the existing fencing fits compared with the Title boundaries.

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