Transfer of Land Act Applications

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When modifications to your Title are required, All General Surveying can perform the survey component of many applications. We deal with a lot of boundary disputes between neighbours and can adjust and confirm Title dimensions to ensure that your property boundaries match.

Such amendments to the Title are carried out under the provisions of the Transfer of Land Act 1958. The most common dealings are:

Amend Titles with an error under Sec 99 or 103 of the Act

Convert ‘Old Law’ Deeds to Certificates of Title under Sec 15 or 26 of the Act

Remove ‘warnings’ from Title under Sec 26P of the Act

Claim Land by Adverse Possession under Sec 60 of the Act

Many of these applications can be confusing and time-consuming. That’s where our Licensed Surveyors come in – we can provide you with the right advice before you proceed.

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Please refer to your legal representative for any legal advice.

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