Recent Construction Projects

As surveyors, All General Surveying are often the first people on site, establishing a site datum and setting out Title boundary lines, construction grid lines and TBM levels long before the site is busy with other trades. We are then a regular trade on site throughout construction and often amongst the last to leave as we need to survey components of the finished building to provide compliance certificates starting that the constructed building accords with the design plans.

Our recent and ongoing projects include some of the buildings that are shaping the Geelong skyline including the Ritz hotel re-development on Bellerine Street, Quest Apartments on Gheringhap Street, twin buildings at 44 Ryrie Street, and Balmoral Quay luxury waterfront apartments.

Our work on these projects includes marking on site anything and everything that needs to be accurately positioned including underground services, basement level foundation piers and footings, columns, pre-cast concrete panels including individual starter bars, grid lines, levels, plumbing, electrical and other service points, internal walls, ramps, structural steel…  the list goes on. Whether we are in the basement three levels below ground, up on the top level on a windy day or even in a scissor lift accessing the underside of a balcony, we need to ensure we are marking out points to the millimetre.















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